The 101 Guides: Everything You Need To Know About Beauty Blenders

The Makeup industry has reached the peaks of advancement. If we see a few years back and compare the old makeup traditions to the techniques nowadays, you will see a huge difference. Not only just in makeup products, but techniques and tools especially. A decade back, there was no concept of special makeup tools like the different tools that help apply makeup seamlessly, but now you name a product, and there will be a specialized tool to use that.

Foundation is the basic product to apply for the makeup. It prepares the face for the other makeup products that you want to apply. So, if the base is good, the whole makeup will go well on the canvas of your face. And a beauty blender is made for the same purpose.

Beauty Blender is one of the most basic and amazing makeup tools; it is used to apply foundation evenly on the face and the areas you want to apply makeup. It might just be a beauty blender sponge, but it can make a huge difference to the application of makeup on your skin. Even if you are not a makeup artist, but you apply foundation with beauty blenders, it will so perfectly on the skin. 

However, Foundation isn’t the only makeup product that a Beauty blender can be used for. Many people also use a Beauty Blenders for makeup products such as Concealer, cream contour, cream highlighter, and even powder products such as setting powders and baking powders. But now days many would even use a beauty blender to apply primer before makeup, and even skin care products such as serums and oils.

Beauty Blenders can be used for ALL different skin types and textures. For example, if you are someone who has dry skin, Beauty blenders can be your pride and joy when it comes to applying makeup to your face. Beauty blenders are gentler to the skin rather than makeup brushes, which can irritate dry and sensitive skin and can make your skin look flaky. Usually, the Beauty Blenders are used while damp.

The damp latex-free beauty blender absorbs water, when dampened, and gets bigger in size. The latex-free properties repel the extra oils from the skin and prevent the absorption of foundation with a beauty blender sponge, which means you only need a small amount of foundation with a beauty blender. It saves the foundation from being wasted and deals with the extra oils that make the foundation application so caky and patchy. It gives a flawless finish to your makeup.

Makeup sponges

We have already discussed the benefits of a beauty blender for the skin and makeup, but the other very important factors for using the beauty blender sponge is to keep them clean. It can turn into the worst nightmare if you keep using the dirty beauty blenders on the skin for beauty blender foundation application for a long time without cleaning them properly.

The blender is actually a beauty blender sponge, and we all know that the sponge soaks up the materials in them; these are super absorbent, which means they are more likely to absorb the dirty materials and the dust in them. So, you should keep them clean properly by washing them, and storing them in a cool dry place.

Here is a method by which you can wash the beauty blender and keep it clean. Now the question about beauty blender is how to clean them; you can wash it by preparing a cleaning solution at home.

Take luke-warm water in a bowl, add some mild handwash to it. Mix it well and add a few drops of olive oil or coconut oil in it. If not available, you can add any other oil. Take the beauty blender sponges and wash them to clean any dirt. Wash them several times with fresh water and now put your beauty blenders in the bowl with the hand wash and oil cleaning solution.

The cleaning solution that we made should be warm enough to clean it but not so hot that it may damage the beauty blender. Let them soak into the warm solution for almost 2-3 hours. After that, put them out of the solution and wash them with the freshwater to get out all the dirt from it. Dry them out safely and store them in a clean place immediately so they may not absorb any dirt.


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