Makeup Sponge Egg Box (small)


Introducing our 4pcs Makeup Sponge egg box. Have you ever seen anything like it?

  • Contains 4 Makeup Sponges
  • Choose from 4 colours
  • latex free
  • Super soft
  • Easy to clean
  • Help your makeup blend like a dream

Makeup Sponges will be your best friend if you want an airbrush, skin-like finish to your base makeup. Our Makeup Sponge egg boxes contains 4 latex-free, super soft Makeup Sponges; which can also be used both damp and dry for your makeup. And can be used for both liquid products, such as foundation, concealer, bb creams ext. And powder products, setting powder, baking powder and foundation powders.

Our egg boxes are great for storing your Makeup Sponge in after use. This way your Makeup Sponge won’t won’t transfer or mess up any other makeup items that are in your makeup bag or on your vanity; in which will also prevent any bacteria from spreading and cross-contamination.

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