Abstract XXL Scrunchie


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Introducing our new Abstract XXL Scrunchie
! A luxurious and premium addition to your daily hair care routine. Gift your hair with this XXL Scrunchie that is made with luxury Satin material, A perfect treat for your hair that prevents from frizz, breakage and hair loss, ultimately giving you a glamorous look to rock every occasion! A solution to finally keeping your hair tied up all day without it hurting your head and breaking your hair!

  • Measures approximately 16cm in diameter. 
  • Significantly stretchable making it great for all hair types.
  • Can be worn by anyone, with any style, at any age!
  • Made with Luxury Satin Material.
  • Tons of hair styles can be worn!

But here are a few styling techniques that would look super cute!

1.High Ponytail:

Let’s throw it back to the 90s with this fun gorgeous look. Begin to gather your hair at the top of your crown with your hands. Secure the Scrunchie around the ponytail and your done! 

  •  This style works great with a summery outfit, like a crop top and a skirt.
  • Or, you can use it to spice up a winter look, like a fall sweater and a plaid skirt.

2. Messy Bun:

An everyday hair style that can be worn anywhere! Follow the process of a high ponytail. You way want to adjust the hight of the ponytail to your desired hight. Then start to wrap your hair around to form a ball shape and secure with the Scrunchie. You may need to wrap your Scrunchie twice so that the bun doesn’t unravel throughout the day.

  • If you have pretty thick or long hair, a scrunchie might not be tight enough to hold your bun in place. Try using a normal hair tie first, then add a scrunchie on top.
  • For an even messier look, try pulling a few flyaways down near your face.
  • You can secure your bun with bobby pins if it feels too loose.

3. Classic Braid:

Brush your hair out and split it into 3 even sections. Do a classic braid by crossing over the right side, then the left side, then the right side again, alternating all the way down. Secure your braid with a scrunchie to keep it in place.

  • You can pull your hair to the side to show off your braid, or you can leave it trailing down your back to get it out of the way.
  • This style works best with a smaller, thinner scrunchie so it actually stays in place at the end of your hair.

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