Hello my beauties! We are so excited to welcome you to our official website of Miss Cara Beauty!

Now starting off with a little bit about us and our background. With the name Cara, comes very different and sentimental meanings. The meaning you choose to look at as, is up to you. The origin of the name “Cara” means “face” in Español (Spanish). However, In Latin, the name “Cara” also means “beloved”. And In the Irish language “Cara”means “Friend”. All these meanings all result to one main feeling, positivity. And that’s what we want our vibe to be about.

Our brand is all about women empowerment and making you “face” your fears. Now days we hear about a lot of women that are afraid to wear big, bright and bold makeup, whether that’s a bright green lipstick, having a rainbow themed eye shadow look or both! Our mission is to put and end to this. We understand that it may take some small baby steps to get to your goals, so we want to help you create the foundation/base layer to do this.

We offer a range of high quality products that may come in different sizes and colours for you to choose from; meaning it will be more personalised to you and your preferences. Or maybe you want to gift one of our products to some you may know? Maybe a loved one, friend or family member. Our products are also perfect gifts for special occasions like Christmas, birthdays or maybe you just want to treat someone out of kindness.

As our brand is all about women empowerment. We want to give back to the community. https://pennyappeal.org/appeal/women is a charity that has been building programmes to achieve women equality and women empowerment rights all over the world! They have been playing a huge part in putting an end to discrimination, eliminating harmful practices and promoting women’s equality. We have now added the option where you too now can help make a difference for these women. You will have the option to do this at the checkout where you can choose your desired amount that you want to give!

So sit back, put your feet and get exploring on our website. There’s lots for you to see! Take a look at our products that’s we offer, or maybe you just want to have a look at our quote page? But remember to join our newsletter for exclusive offers, deals and news!

And Remember. “Cara” YOUR Beauty!